15 Great Family Movies!

Here is a list of 15 great family movies that are not listed in any ranked order. Every movie here is entertaining for both children and adults.

1. Despicable Me- An awesome film starring Steve Carell in the lead role. Very funny and very well done.

2. Rio- A great cast with great music. A good balance of silly humor and feel good moments.

3. Fantastic Mr.Fox- is a delight for the eyes with a multi-generational appeal. Starring an A-lister cast. Very funny!

4. The Adventures of Tin Tin- Drawing deep from the classic Raiders of the Lost Ark story this is an awesome adventure film with light humor and classic Tin Tin moments.

5. The War- This movie is warm, touching, and funny at the same time. Another great Kevin Costner film!

6. Rango- This is a smart and creative movie with beautiful animation. Johnny Depp gives an array of vocal performances. This movie made me laugh continuously through out!

7. Big Fish- A charming father-and-son tale filled with a typical Tim Burton feel. A great fantasy story to get lost in.

8. Kiki’s Delivery Service- This is a gorgeously rendered tale of a young witch discovering her place in the world. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, one of Japan’s most beloved animators. One of my favorites, a must see!

9. My Neighbor Totoro- This amazing animated children’s tale directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Is a heartwarming, sentimental masterpiece that captures the simple grace of childhood. Another beautiful must see film.

10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid- These are great movies based on the best selling book series. All three that are out now are great! I suggest you watch all them in order. Very funny!

11. Harry Potter series- These great films do not need much introduction. From the first movie to the last, this series I have watched over 20 times. Absolutely wonderful! If you have not seen them or have only seen a few. I highly suggest to watch them all in order.

12. Wreck-it Ralph- One word, Awesome! I loved this movie a lot. It’s no wonder it got nominated for an Oscar this year. Equally entertaining for both kids and parents old enough to catch the references. A must see!!

13. Jurassic Park 1- A movie I consider to be a family film. Maybe a little too scary for the little kids but my boys enjoy watching scary movies. I think this is just enough scary with not many inappropriate moments. Perfect for a dark stormy night!

14. Finding Nemo- This is a stunning underwater adventure, with great characters. This movie is filled with humor and heartfelt emotion. I loved this movie when it came out and consider it a classic. If you haven’t seen this film it is a definite must see!

15. Big- Sweet and undeniably funny. This is a great story of a 13 year old boy wishing to be an adult. Great job by Tom Hanks in the lead role. A few PG moments but over all great for all ages!

I hope you have found a few ideas on movies you didn’t know about or have forgotten. Remember all these are opinions of mine and are not listed in any ranked order!

Movie Review of Puss In Boots

Let me start off this review by pointing out two very important background notes: First, although I enjoyed the Shrek franchise in general —and more particularly the first film, since the sequels seemed to lose their charm, as sequels almost always tend to do—one of my least favorite characters in the mix was Puss in Boots. Dress him in any costume you’d like, Antonio Banderas is pretty unlikely to sweep me off my feet. And second, I am, in no uncertain terms, NOT a fan of cats in general. The ones in my neighborhood clearly have an unwritten understanding that my landscaping is the perfect community liter box, and don’t get me started on how aloof they are-give me a slobbering, eager to please dog any day over a cat. How’s that for endearing myself to the cat lover’s out there?

THE GOOD: If you have been wondering all these years just EXACTLY how Puss ended up wearing those dashing high-heeled pirate boots, Dreamworks has taken it upon themselves to tell you the story from the very beginning. Puss is an orphaned kitty that ends up, along with a mixture of children, animals and fairytale creatures alike, in a Spanish Orphanage, run by a woman who Puss affectionately calls mother. It’s here in this orphanage that Puss meets another orphan, Humpty Dumpty (voiced by Zach Galifianakis), and the two become best friends. Unfortunately, the egg’s “devilish” side (didn’t see that one coming did you?) gets the best of him, and he ends up betraying Puss….and this is where we flash back to the present and understand that Puss’s outlaw persona is not something he chose, but is definitely something he has vowed to repair. The race is on to find the “magic beans” that are being held hostage by Jack and Jill, who I always thought were brother and sister in the nursery rhyme, but apparently they are an item…..or maybe this is all just taking place in Arkansas. It’s all a little unclear. But the two of them are grown up and, for lack of a better description, flat-out homely. After an attempt at a reconciliation with Puss, Humpty and his friend Kitty Softpaws (voiced by Salma Hayek) convince Puss to join forces with them to rescue the beans, find the golden egg laying goose, and Puss hopes that all of this will help restore his good name.

The animation in the movie is absolutely amazing, as we have come to expect from Dreamworks. I didn’t see it in 3D, but once again, I don’t think much would have been gained from paying the extra cash and wearing the glasses. The film itself was stunning enough with its graphics and layout. And although the humor wasn’t as frequent or clever as you might hope, there were definitely some moments of laugh out loud dialogue.

THE BAD: Given the demographic of people at the showing I went to, I would wager that not a lot of adults are going to this movie WITHOUT children in tow. Sadly, I felt that the humor in this was geared more towards the adults and that it went over the heads of most of the kids in attendance. A shining example of this is the rough hombre in the bar whose body is all tattooed with the story of the magic beans, and piece by piece he reveals the depictions to Puss, until he comes to the part about the golden eggs, and goes to unbutton his pants, at which point Puss begs him to stop; the adults in the audience are laughing hysterically, I let out a small stifled scream, and my nine year old daughter who was with me keeps saying “What? What? What just happened?” It was moments like that, along with the fact that, 20 minutes into the movie, my daughter sighed and said she wished we had gone to see ‘Real Steel’ instead, that made me wonder if Dreamworks had missed its target audience…so much for cute animated kittens winning the heart of a little girl who has a room full of stuffed animals. Maybe she is inheriting my cat disdain.

THE UGLY: I can’t deny that my daughter’s apparent lack of interest in the movie happened to coincide with the appearance of Humpty Alexander Dumpty, who, to be completely honest, freaked me out a little. You have a giant egg head, and the face was shockingly lifelike. That was bad enough, but when Jack and Jill started discussing the possibility of starting a family together, I felt a little nauseated. They were already tending a herd of warthogs and treating them like their babies…and if we are going to be honest here, given the whole brother and sister thing I mentioned earlier, any potential offspring would probably be just about as furry.

Don’t go to Puss in Boots expecting to be charmed by the witty dialogue and creativity of the original Shrek film—it’s not there. But I was impressed with the clever background story, and there’s no denying that Dreamworks knows how to deliver in the animation department. Younger kids may find the storyline somewhat confusing and over their heads in certain places, although there is plenty of action to hold their attention. And if you like hearing Antonio Banderas say “Iyam Pusssssss—- NBOOTS!!” there’s a lot of that as well.

The Trophy Wife gives this movie 2 trophies.

Puss in Boots has a running time of 1 hr 30 minutes and is rated PG for adventure action and some mild rude humor.

5 Movies – Shark Themed Movies

Each summer, thousands of vacationers visit the beach. Some will joyfully enter the water while others fear sharks are lurking in the ocean. For those who rather not enter the water, here are five movies themed around sharks to validate their fears. Some are harmless family friendly selections, while others, appropriate for adults only, will leave you scared and in awe of these incredible creatures.

No list of shark movies would be complete without Jaws. After a large shark terrorizes a popular beach in New England, three men, Martin Brody, the police chief, a shark hunter named Quint, and a marine biologist named Matt Hooper, head out on a boat to hunt down and kill the shark. After a fierce and scary battle, only Quint and Brody remain alive, and the shark is finally killed. This famous movie highlights the potential danger of sharks and the fear that sharks can illicit in people.

Open Water
This movie is particularly scary because it is based on a true story. A couple goes scuba diving with a group and they up getting left behind when an inaccurate head count is taken aboard the boat. Both Daniel and Susan are bitten by jellyfish, and their small wounds attract a large group of sharks. Daniel is eventually killed by the sharks, and Susan drowns herself before the sharks can kill her.

12 Days of Terror
12 Days of Terror is based on true events that occurred during the summer of 1916 on the shores of New Jersey. For twelve days, swimmers at New Jersey beaches sustained attacks by a large shark, before it was finally killed. The issue of sacrificing human safety for business is a part of this film, since officials hesitated to shut down beaches during the busy summer season, even following several dangerous attacks.

Finding Nemo
The first three selections are best for adults only. If you are looking for a family friendly option, try Finding Nemo. The main characters are a father and son pair of clown fish, but it is hard to forget the three sharks in the movie. Kids will love watching the funny antics of these sharks as they try to stick to their plan of giving up fish in their diet.

Shark Tale
Shark Tale is another family friendly shark movie selection. A trouble making fish and a vegetarian shark, who are both outcasts in their own communities, come together by chance. The fish, Oscar, falsely claims to have killed a shark that was killed while he was nearby, and enjoys the fame that comes with his new title of “Sharkslayer”. In the end, Oscar comes clean and makes amends with the important people in his life, and the vegetarian shark, Lenny, is finally accepted by his father. The group of fish and the group of sharks also come to a peace agreement.